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The Development Consent Order (DCO) documents available to view and download via the drop down menu below reflect the documents submitted as part of the DCO application on 3 August 2018; all current documents are available on the Planning Inspectorate’s website.

Hard copies of the DCO application documents submitted on 3 August 2018 are also available to view, free of charge, at the following locations:

  • Brewood Library: Newport Street, Brewood, Stafford ST19 9DT
  • Penkridge Library: Bellbrook, Penkridge, Stafford ST19 5DL
  • Haling Dene Centre, Cannock Road, Penkridge, Stafford, ST19 5DT
  • South Staffordshire District Council: Wolverhampton Road, Codsall, Wolverhampton WV8 1PX
  • Staffordshire County Council: Staffordshire Place, Stafford ST16 2DH

Please note that due to the size of the documentation boxes, a copy of the Environmental Statement is not available at Penkridge Library; please visit one of the other three locations to view this.

Application documents can also be viewed electronically, free of charge, at the following locations:

  • Brewood Library: Newport Street, Brewood, Stafford ST19 9DT
  • Penkridge Library: Bellbrook, Penkridge, Stafford ST19 5DL
  • Cannock Library: Manor Avenue, Cannock, Staffordshire WS11 1AA

Documents from previous stages of consultation are available to view and download from the archive documents page.

DCO application documents

1. Application Submission

2. Plans/Drawings/Sections

2.1 Land Plans Key Plan
2.1A Land Plans Sheet 1
2.1B Land Plans Sheet 2
2.1C Land Plans Sheet 3
2.1D Land Plans Sheet 4
2.1E Land Plans Sheet 5
2.1F Land Plans Sheet 6
2.1G Land Plans Sheet 7
2.1H Land Plans Sheet 8
2.1I Land Plans Sheet 9
2.1J Land Plans Sheet 10
2.1K Land Plans Sheet 11
2.1L Land Plans Sheet 122.2 Works Plans Key Plan
2.2A Works Plans Sheet 1
2.2B Works Plans Sheet 2
2.2C Works Plans Sheet 3
2.2D Works Plans Sheet 4
2.2E Works Plans Sheet 5
2.2F Works Plans Sheet 6
2.2G Works Plans Sheet 7
2.2H Works Plans Sheet 8
2.2I Works Plans Sheet 92.3 Access and Rights of Way Plans Key Plan
2.3A Access and Rights of Way Plans Sheet 1
2.3B Access and Rights of Way Plans Sheet 2
2.3C Access and Rights of Way Plans Sheet 3
2.3D Access and Rights of Way Plans Sheet 4
2.3E Access and Rights of Way Plans Sheet 5
2.3F Access and Rights of Way Plans Sheet 62.4 Order Limits and Parish Boundaries Plan2.5 Development Zone Parameters Plan Key Plan
2.5A Development Zone Parameters Plan Sheet 1
2.5B Development Zone Parameters Plan Sheet 2
2.5C Development Zone Parameters Plan Sheet 3
2.5D Development Zone Parameters Plan Sheet 42.6 Floor Levels and Building Heights Parameters Plan Key Plan
2.6A Floor Levels and Building Heights Parameters Plan Sheet 1
2.6B Floor Levels and Building Heights Parameters Plan Sheet 2
2.6C Floor Levels and Building Heights Parameters Plan Sheet 3
2.6D Floor Levels and Building Heights Parameters Plan Sheet 42.7 Green Infrastructure Parameters Plan Key Plan
2.7A Green Infrastructure Parameters Plan Sheet 1
2.7B Green Infrastructure Parameters Plan Sheet 2
2.7C Green Infrastructure Parameters Plan Sheet 3
2.7D Green Infrastructure Parameters Plan Sheet 42.8 Illustrative Masterplan Key Plan
2.8A Illustrative Masterplan Sheet 1
2.8B Illustrative Masterplan Sheet 2
2.8C Illustrative Masterplan Sheet 3
2.8D Illustrative Masterplan Sheet 42.9 Highway General Arrangement Plans Key Plan
2.9A Highway General Arrangement Plan 101
2.9B Highway General Arrangement Plan 102
2.9C Highway General Arrangement Plan 103
2.9D Highway General Arrangement Plan 104
2.9E Highway General Arrangement Plan 105
2.9F Highway General Arrangement Plan 106
2.9G Highway General Arrangement Plan 107
2.9H Highway General Arrangement Plan 108
2.9I Highway General Arrangement Plan 109
2.9J Highway General Arrangement Plan 110
2.9K Highway General Arrangement Plan 111

2.10 Future Highways Maintenance Key Plan
2.10A Future Highways Maintenance Sheet 1
2.10B Future Highways Maintenance Sheet 2
2.10C Future Highways Maintenance Sheet 3

2.11 Traffic Regulation Plans Key Plan
2.11A Traffic Regulation Plans Sheet 1
2.11B Traffic Regulation Plans Sheet 2
2.11C Traffic Regulation Plans Sheet 3

2.12 Speed Limit Plans Key Plan
2.12A Speed Limit Plans Sheet 1
2.12B Speed Limit Plans Sheet 2
2.12C Speed Limit Plans Sheet 3

2.13 Highway Classification Plans Key Plan
2.13A Highway Classification Plans Sheet 1
2.13B Highway Classification Plans Sheet 2
2.13C Highway Classification Plans Sheet 3

2.14 Rail General Arrangement Drawing

2.15A Rail Terminal – Illustrative Initial Rail Terminal Layout
2.15B Rail Terminal – Illustrative Expanded Rail Terminal Layout

2.16A Cross Sections Rail Alignment Sheet 1
2.16B Cross Sections Rail Alignment Sheet 2
2.16C Cross Sections Rail Alignment Sheet 3
2.16D Long Sections – Rail Alignment Sheet 1
2.16E Long Sections – Rail Alignment Sheet 2

2.17 Proposed Road Bridge Location Plan

2.18A Proposed Road Bridges Plan and Long Section
2.18B Proposed Road Bridge B1 Section and Elevation
2.18C Proposed Road Bridge B2 and B3 Section and Elevation
2.18D Proposed Road Bridge B4 Section and Elevation

2.19 Ease of Use A3 Plan bundle

3. Draft Development Consent Order

4. Compulsory Acquisition Information

5. Other Statutory Reports/Statements

6. Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA)

6.1 Scoping Opinion

6.2 Environmental Statement – Chapters

6.2 Environmental Statement – Figures and Appendices

Figure 4.1 – Development Zone Parameters
Figure 4.2 – Floor Levels and Building Heights Parameters
Figure 4.3 – Green Infrastructure Parameters
Figure 4.4 – Demolition Plan
Figure 4.5 – Indicative Phasing Plan
Figure 12.1 – Landscape Character
Figure 12.2 – Landscape Sensitivity
Figure 12.3 – Landscape Designations
Figure 12.4 – Site Landscape
Figure 12.5 – Topography
Figure 12.6 – Aerial Photos
Figure 12.7 – Photo Locations
Figure 12.8 – Photo Viewpoints
Figure 12.9 – Zone of Theoretical Visibility
Figure 12.10 – Visual Receptors
Figure 12.11 – Illustrative Green Infrastructure Plan
Figure 12.12 – Illustrative Landscape Cross Sections
Figure 12.13 – Photomontages
Figure 13.1 – Baseline Noise and Vibration Survey Locations
Figure 13.2 – Receptor Locations
Figure 13.3 – Vicarage Road Receptors
Figure 13.4 – NIR 1975 Assessment Locations
Figure 13.5 – NIR 1996 Assessment Locations
Figure 15.1 – Transport Figures Technical Appendix 2.1 – Scoping Report 
Technical Appendix 2.2 – Scoping Opinion
Technical Appendix 2.3 – Outline Demolition and Construction Environmental Management Plan
Technical Appendix 2.4 – Operational Waste Technical Note
Technical Appendix 2.5 – Daylight, Sunlight and Overshadowing Note
Technical Appendix 2.6 – Wind Microclimate Technical Note
Technical Appendix 2.7 – List of ‘Other Developments’ for the CEA
Technical Appendix 2.8 – Technical Competence of ES Authors
Technical Appendix 6.1 – Agricultural Land Classification
Technical Appendix 7.1 – Construction Dust Assessment Criteria
Technical Appendix 7.2 – Methodology for Modelling of Traffic Emissions
Technical Appendix 7.3 – Local Authority Monitoring Data
Technical Appendix 7.4 – Future Base Concentrations at Receptors
Technical Appendix 7.5 – Predicted Construction Impacts (Humans)
Technical Appendix 7.6 – Predicted Impacts at Human Receptors
Technical Appendix 7.7 – Compliance Risk Assessment Results
Technical Appendix 7.8 – Transport Technical Note
Technical Appendix 8.1 – Historic Environment Desk-Based Assessment
Technical Appendix 8.2 – Addendum to Historic Environment Assessment
Technical Appendix 8.3 – LiDAR Data Assessment
Technical Appendix 8.4 – Detailed Gradiometer Survey Report
Technical Appendix 8.5 – Outline Written Scheme of Investigation
Technical Appendix 9.1 – Historic Map Regression
Technical Appendix 9.2 – Map of Heritage Receptors
Technical Appendix 9.3 – Map: Staffordshire and Worcestershire Canal
Technical Appendix 9.4 – Canal Conservation Area Appraisal
Technical Appendix 9.5 – Historic Landscape Character Map
Technical Appendix 9.6 – Photographic Gazetteer of Heritage Receptors
Technical Appendix 9.7 – List Entry Descriptions
Technical Appendix 10.1 – Baseline Ecology Report
Technical Appendix 10.2 – Confidential Badger Report
Technical Appendix 10.3 – No Significant Effects Report (Habitats Regulation Assessment)
Technical Appendix 10.4 – Framework EMMP
Technical Appendix 10.5 – Natural England Letter of No Impediment
Technical Appendix 11.1 – Historical Maps
Technical Appendix 11.2 – Environmental Database Report
Technical Appendix 11.3 – Factual Phase II ESA
Technical Appendix 11.4 – Factual Phase II ESA – South-east Land
Technical Appendix 11.5 – Remediation Safeguarding Report
Technical Appendix 11.6 – Summary of Ground Conditions
Technical Appendix 12.1 – LVIA Criteria
Technical Appendix 12.2 – Visibility Mapping/Photomontage Methodology
Technical Appendix 12.3 – Published Assessments – Relevant Extracts
Technical Appendix 12.4 – Cannock Chase AONB Management Plan
Technical Appendix 12.5 – Landscape Effects Table (LET)
Technical Appendix 12.6 – Visual Effects Table (VET)
Technical Appendix 12.7 – Arboricultural Assessment
Technical Appendix 12.8 – Lighting Strategy and Impact Assessment
Technical Appendix 12.9 – Green Infrastructure: Schedule of Areas
Technical Appendix 13.1 – Glossary of Terminology
Technical Appendix 13.2 – Standards and Guidelines
Technical Appendix 13.3 – Full Survey Results
Technical Appendix 13.4 – Construction Assessment
Technical Appendix 13.5 – Operational Noise Assessment Information
Technical Appendix 14.1 – Wind Effects on Sailing (Desk Study)
Technical Appendix 15.1 – Transport AssessmentTransport Assessment Appendix A – Scoping Note
Transport Assessment Appendix B – Meeting Notes
Transport Assessment Appendix C – List of Surveys
Transport Assessment Appendix D – 2015 Baseline Link Flow Diagrams
Transport Assessment Appendix E – General Arrangement Drawings
Transport Assessment Appendix F – Technical Note 22 (Vicarage Road Junction)
Transport Assessment Appendix G – Technical Note 19 (Sustainable Transport Strategy)
Transport Assessment Appendix H – Site Wide Travel Plan
Transport Assessment Appendix I – Site Wide HGV Management Plan
Transport Assessment Appendix J – Intermodal Terminal Access Arrangements & HGV Parking Drawing
Transport Assessment Appendix K – Technical Note 5 (HGV and Non HGV Trip Generation
Transport Assessment Appendix L – Technical Note 28 (TRICS Initial Trip Rates)
Transport Assessment Appendix M – Technical Note 14 (Trip Distribution)
Transport Assessment Appendix N – Demolition and Construction Traffic Management Plan
Transport Assessment Appendix O – Local Model Validation Report Feb 2017 – VISSIM
Transport Assessment Appendix P – Traffic Flow Diagrams of Wider Area Using M54/M6SM and SSVM
Transport Assessment Appendix Q – Traffic Flow Turning Diagrams of Local Area Using SSVM Data
Transport Assessment Appendix R – Merge/Diverge Assessment
Transport Assessment Appendix S – Technical Note 31 (Shift Change Assessments)
Transport Assessment Appendix T – Technical Note 29 (2036 Assessments)Transport Assessment Figure 1 – Site Location and Local Highway Network
Transport Assessment Figure 2 – Existing Pedestrian and Cycle Network
Transport Assessment Figure 3 – Existing Local Access Restrictions Around WMI
Transport Assessment Figure 4 – Existing Public Transport Network
Transport Assessment Figure 5 – Traffic Survey Locations
Transport Assessment Figure 6 – Personal Injury Accidents 01/07/2011 to 30/06/2016
Transport Assessment Figure 7 – Access Points to Site
Transport Assessment Figure 8 – Proposed Non Car Access Strategy
Transport Assessment Figure 9 – Proposed Directional Signage
Transport Assessment Figure 10 – Proposed Local Access Signs
Transport Assessment Figure 11 – Routes to be Considered by Contingent Traffic Management Fund
Transport Assessment Figure 12 – Key Local Junctions
Transport Assessment Figure 13 – Local Journey Times
Transport Assessment Figure 14 – A449/A5 Link Road Internal Junctions References
Transport Assessment Figure 15 – Potential Alternative Routes for WMITechnical Appendix 16.1 – Flood Risk Assessment
Technical Appendix 16.2 – Water Framework Directive Assessment
Technical Appendix 16.3 – Site Wide Surface Water Drainage Strategy

6.3 Non-Technical Summary