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We have carried out three stages of pre-application consultation on West Midlands Interchange.

Stage 1 Consultation

The first stage of consultation ran from 13 June to 24 July 2016, and focused on our master plan options.

Stage 2 Consultation

The second stage of consultation, which was statutory consultation, ran from 5 July to 30 August 2017 on our detailed plans for the scheme.

Stage 2a Consultation

Further focused consultation was undertaken between 27 November 2017 and 2 January 2018 on specific amendments to the scheme following Stage 2 Consultation.

After consultation

Every written response and comment from each consultation has been read and considered. These, alongside the results of surveys and assessments, have informed and improved the final scheme that was submitted to the Planning Inspectorate.

More information about the evolution of the scheme in response to feedback can be found in the Consultation Report which was submitted with the DCO application on 3 August 2018. The full application is now available to view and download on the Planning Inspectorate’s website.

Documents for all stages of consultation can be found in the Document library.

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