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Stage 1 Feedback Form

This feedback form is part of our first stage of consultation. The deadline for responding is midnight on Sunday 24 July 2016. Responses received after this date may not be considered as part of Stage 1 Consultation.

More information about the proposals is available in the Document Library.

In addition to this online feedback form, feedback can be sent to us through any of channels below:

Email – you can email us your feedback via contactus@communityrelations.co.uk

Freepost – the feedback form (available for download in the Document Library) or any other feedback, can be posted to the freepost address below. If using this freepost address, please write it exactly as shown, on a single line, otherwise it might not be delivered:


What we are consulting on

During Stage 1 Consultation, we would like to hear your views on the following topics to help us refine our proposals:

Local information, issues and concerns

To help us develop the best proposals possible, including mitigation measures, we would like to hear about anything you think would be relevant concerning the local area, any specific issues you would like to see addressed, or any concerns you may have about potential impacts.

Layout options for the site

We are considering two options for the laying out of the various elements of the project, in particular the location of the rail terminal and the associated road and rail infrastructure. We would like to hear your opinion on both options. The layout options presented as part of this consultation are illustrative only and many elements of the proposals may change as the project is developed in more detail.

We would also welcome any other comments you have about our project at this stage.

About you

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Are you responding on behalf of an organisation?

If so, which organisation?

Data Protection

Personal information that is supplied to FAL in response to this consultation will be treated confidentially and handled in accordance with the Data Protection Act 1998.

The information may be disclosed or shared with FAL’s contractors and advisors who are working on the West Midlands Interchange project. This will allow the team to fully consider the responses and use them in the development of the project. Upon submission of FAL’s application for development consent under the Planning Act 2008, the Secretary of State may require FAL to supply copies of all consultation responses received. If a request is made, FAL is under legal obligation to supply copies of the responses. By submitting a consultation response to FAL, a respondent agrees that FAL may supply a copy of their response to the Secretary of State via the Planning Inspectorate, if required to do so.


Question 1

Is there any information about the site or surrounding area that you would like the project team to be aware of?

This could include details of footpaths you use or locations we should examine carefully.

Question 2

The two layout options show the potential location of the proposed rail terminal and related road and rail infrastructure. Do you have any comments about the two layout options? What do you like or dislike about each option?

The layout options presented as part of this consultation are illustrative only and many elements of the proposals may change as the project is developed in more detail. The layout options can be downloaded here

Question 3

Are there any specific issues or areas of concern that you would like to highlight?

We will review all feedback we receive to help us develop our proposals. How these issues have been considered in shaping the scheme designs will be explained during out next stage of consultation.

Question 4

We will be consulting again in early 2017 with more detailed information about the scheme design. Is there anything specific about the consultation process you would like to see at the next stage of consultation?

For example, this could include different ways of being kept informed or additional venues for public exhibitions.

Question 5

Please let us know if there are any other comments or suggestions you would like to make.