Construction Activity

Date From
End Date
21 DEC 2023
3 JAN 2024
Site shutdown

The WMI site will be closed over the festive period, from 21 December to 3 January. All works associated with the construction of the development will stop during this time. 24-hour site security will remain in place during this period. Our work will recommence on 4 January 2024.

We thank you for your continued patience during the construction of the West Midlands Interchange, and wish you all a happy holiday and new year.

Autumn 2023

As part of the construction work for the project, and as set out in the Development Consent Order (DCO) some properties need to be demolished to facilitate the new development. We are working hard to minimise any disruption that is caused at this time. We’re currently ensuring all approvals are in place to disconnect these properties from utilities such as water, electricity, and broadband.

Autumn 2023
Site compound work

We are completing our works to set up our site compound. This includes the site cabin installation, lighting and parking provisions. 

July 2023

Earthwork progress is continuing on site. We’re also continuing with ground investigations across working areas and the quarry, and clearing trees in Calf Heath wood.

March 2023
Ecology protection and vegetation works

We’re carrying out surveys and wildlife protection works such as creating man-made badger setts and bat boxes. This is part of new ecology corridor set out within the forestry management plan for Calf Heath wood. We’re also installing bird boxes across the site and installing fencing to protect trees from our construction activities.

We’re keeping tree clearances to a minimum, removing only what is required. The works are on private land and access to the site should not disrupt local residents.


In summer 2023 we will start main works for Phase 1 of the West Midlands Interchange project. This will include;

  • Building the first warehouses south of Vicarage Road
  • Developing Calf Heath Community Park, with new footways and cycleways
  • Building a new roundabout into the site and first section of spine road through the site to access warehouses
  • Delivering the initial green infrastructure, including landscaped bunding
  • The construction of the remaining warehouses and the rail freight interchange will follow in future phases. We’ll update local residents and businesses before these works start.

We appreciate your patience and understanding, we will keep you updated as the scheme progresses.

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