Creating a sustainable environment is a critical component of the WMI vision. From the buildings themselves which will be built to the highest environmental standards, to the inclusion of future-proof energy-generation measures, every part of the development is designed to have a positive impact.

We are working to deliver Net Zero Carbon in construction & Net Zero Carbon ready for all units, in line with evolving industry and occupier requirements.

Renewable ready

Over 30% of WMI will consist of industry-leading green infrastructure that doesn’t just meet the latest in environmental standards, but actively looks beyond the to ensure long-term responsible operation.

All warehouse roofs will be 100% optimised for PV panels, resulting in a 100% saving in carbon emissions, equating to 1,530 tonnes of carbon reduced above baseline annually.

abundant nature

WMI’s sustainability-first development will see two new Community Parks created during the project’s lifetime which will add more than 109 acres of greenery and open space. In addition, a new green corridor connecting Calf Heath Wood with Calf Heath Reservoir will be created, along with canal enhancements and over 18 hectares of additional woodland, hedgerow, and tree planting.
Community Parks

self-sustaining operation


One of the single largest new grid connections in the Midlands.


The best choice for renewable energy, providing occupiers with a below-market rate while future-proofed for integration with new tech such as energy storage.

£20 million

Total investment in power at WMI, including the supply itself, along with building the private wire network to distribute it most efficiently.