Putting People First

Every aspect of WMI has been designed around the needs of the people who work within it and live around it. From new green spaces and cycle paths that promote time outside to improved team welfare through better amenities, it’s a development that goes further in its ambition to do right by the communities it’s a part of.

Access for

WMI’s 109 acres of Community Parks are open to all employees at the development, as well as the surrounding community. This is an important step in creating an enhanced and enjoyable natural environment that promotes wellbeing for all.

The parkland is also surrounded by a network of dedicated fitness trails that support wellbeing in a more active way by providing easy opportunities to stay active across the entire development.

Fitness Trails

Linear Route
Trail Loop
Permissive Route
Parking Spaces
Linear Route
Trail Loop
Permissive Route
Parking Spaces

Social Value

Our promise

"To work collaboratively with the community to create a positive and sustainable added-value legacy, enabled by investment in the West Midlands Interchange project"


Working populations

1.3m live within the travel-to-work area of the site (economically active population – 16-74 years old)

Logistics labour

77,900 people live within the TTWA who are working in the logistics sector and therefore have appropriate skills/relevant experience

Job creation

The site could support up to circa. 8,550 new logistics and related jobs

Providing opportunities

Unemployment within the TTWA is relatively high, at 5% of the population aged 16 to 74