How will enabling works affect me?

24 October 2022

We recognise that our construction activity affects local people and we work hard to limit that. We will keep people informed of our work and potential impacts by liaising with Staffordshire County Council, South Staffordshire District Council, relevant parish councils, and where appropriate, we will also write to local residents and businesses and other stakeholders to notify them formally about start of works.

Below are some FAQs on the upcoming works.


General construction for enabling works 

  • Where are the works taking place?

Construction activity will cover several areas of the WMI site but will primarily focus on preparations for Phase 1 near Calf Heath wood and the surrounding infrastructure. This includes ecology enhancements, tree protection fencing and clearances.

There will also be trials and surveys for the nearby highways and at the neighbouring quarry in preparation for the main works to commence next year.

You can find more information on our website about the works taking place in autumn 2022.

  • Who is carrying out the works?

Winvic Construction is our design stage delivery partner and contractor for the enabling works.

  • What are your working hours?

Our normal working hours are between 07.00 to 18.30 Monday to Friday, and 08.00 to 13.00 on Saturday. We will not work on Sundays or bank holidays in England and Wales, unless otherwise approved in writing by the local planning authority.

  • What is the timescale for the enabling works?

The planned programme is outlined for 31 October – 3 March

  • How will you access the site?

Main site access will utilise the existing calf heath quarry access off the A5

  • Do you have site security?

Yes, there will be security out of hours on evenings and over the weekends

  • Will you give us advance notification of construction activity?  

Before work starts we will be in touch with parish councils and local authorities to discuss what’s planned and to offer briefings. Where appropriate, we will also write to local residents and businesses to notify them formally about start of works.

  • Will public footpaths be closed?

Public rights of ways will not be affected during the initial enabling works and will remain open


Traffic management 

  • Do you need road closures or other traffic management?

We do periodically need to close roads or employ other methods of traffic management. In these instances we notify residents and businesses directly affected and update our website. Any use of traffic management, including road closures, is agreed with Staffordshire County Council.

  • What will you do if you leave mud on the roads? 

During wet weather, mud on the roads around our sites is sometimes inevitable. We will try to prevent this happening and where mud does get onto roads, we will use road sweepers to remove it.

  • Will there be lots of dust? 

In very dry weather, construction activity and vehicles can create dust. We will monitor this and clean areas to keep dust levels down.

  • Have you agreed access routes for your construction vehicles?

During the enabling works, the main site access will utilise the existing calf heath quarry access off the A5.

  • How can I report a vehicle that has gone the wrong way? 

If you see a vehicle you think is related to the project somewhere it should not be, please call us on our community relations helpline. It would be helpful if you can provide part of the registration plate/or time and location to help us identify the vehicle.


Work and learning opportunities

  • What job opportunities are there?

We are keen for local businesses and small and medium enterprises to have the chance to work with the project. Opportunities for local contractors to work on behalf of the contractors will be promoted among local businesses as they arise.

  • How are you supporting schools in the area?

We are passionate about encouraging the next generation to take an interest in science, engineering, technology and mathematics (STEM). We are delivering several STEM sessions for schools in the area during enabling works and will continue to look for new opportunities to inspire children of all ages.