What’s happening on site autumn 2022?

24 October 2022

As we start preparing for Phase 1 construction on site, our ecology and engineering teams have been on site getting ready for the new stage to start this autumn.

One of our next tasks on site is to install tree protection fencing. The fencing will form a barrier to safeguard trees and their sensitive root zone when construction is taking place. The fencing will be erected to withstand impact from vehicles and have signs to inform construction workers to keep clear of the protected area unless advised by the arboricultural team.

These measures are in advance of tree clearances that will begin in December. The tree clearances will include the removal of invasive species, such as Japanese Knotweed, Himalayan Balsam, and Rhododendron. These plant species outcompete native species and reduce local floral diversity. As a result, their removal allows greater diversity which creates opportunity for a wider range of wildlife.

Mitigation is proposed throughout the scheme in relation to nesting birds, with habitat creation within green infrastructure as well as installation of bird nest boxes. There is also an area within the northern area of Calf heath community park which will be designed and managed to benefit farmland birds for both nesting and foraging. Further to this, 12 hectares of off-site land is to be put under management to benefit farmland birds. This includes suitable management of hedgerows, rough grassland and wildflower field margins, planting blocks of seed crop for a winter food source and shelter.

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