WMI’s employment webpage goes live – promoting local jobs and training opportunities for the next 15 years

17 November 2023

Our £1bn commitment for the next 15 years

The West Midlands Interchange (WMI) has begun work on its £1bn commitment to deliver social and local economic value to the region for the next 15 years. Delivered over a 10-year construction period, and the first 5 years of the WMI site being operational.

Over the next 15 years you will see:

  • 8,500 jobs provided to local people
  • 950 weeks of training and apprenticeship opportunities
  • 100% of candidate referrals who meet the job specifications will be guaranteed an interview and offered support during the application process

Working with both purpose and impact.

Using insight and data of the area, we understand the needs and local priorities of the region. Including the need to support those with barriers to employment which is a key priority for South Staffordshire Council who encourage businesses to commit to supporting those out of work through their Education, Employment and Skills Plan.

We combine this with discussions with local people and community groups to help us prioritise where we can help most. Ensuring that we deliver both benefit and value that will leave a legacy for generations to come.

Improving employability and getting more local people in employment

Our 10-year construction plan will be delivered in five phases and Oxford Properties Group and Logistics Capital Partners have appointed Winvic Construction as lead contractor for phase 1.

With phase 1 already underway, we begin our social and local economic focus around employment and training opportunities for people living in South Staffordshire, Staffordshire, Wolverhampton, the Black Country, West Midlands and surrounding areas.

Sixteen students from Walsall College recently took part in Winvic’s Enrichment Programme to showcase several elements of a construction project. Sessions enjoyed by Walsall College students included digital engineering, earthworks, planning, quantity surveying, CV writing, mental health and fairness, inclusion and respect (FIR). These eye-opening opportunities for students are receiving great feedback. “I have learnt a lot in the past 6 days we’ve had on the different sites. I liked being able to meet new people and get their advice and opinions on the different sectors of the industry.”

As well as improving the employability of young people, our social and local economic work focuses on getting local people in employment. Including the delivery of Roller Driver training courses with collaboration from The Department for Work and Pensions, and getting a local Mum signed up to a STEM returner programme to help kick start her career back into engineering after taking a career break.

Visit our jobs and training webpage

We have two dedicated Employment Brokers at Staffordshire Jobs who ensure employment and training opportunities over the next 15 years will be advertised on the Staffordshire Jobs & Careers website.

Our Employment Brokers are here to help and if a candidate referral meets a job specification they will be interviewed for the role, as well as being offered support during the application process.

If you would like to be kept informed of future training and employment opportunities, you can contact StaffsJobsandCareers@staffordshire.gov.uk