West Midlands Interchange brings archaeology to life for South Staffordshire children and parents

9 January 2023

Our archaeology partners, Wessex Archaeology, have delivered an interactive archaeology session for children and their parents in South Staffordshire, at Brewood Community Library.

During the session Wessex Archaeology staff demonstrated interactive equipment used by archaeologists to explore how discoveries such as ‘burnt mounds’ can be interpreted and excavated. Burnt mounds have been found on the WMI site and are archaeological features that may have been used as bases for hunting or used as sweat lodges. When archaeologists excavate the mounds you can find evidence such as fish bones, charcoal and charred seeds within them.

Participants also learned how the scientific techniques archaeologists use to understand the history of a site are put into practise and were able to hold view genuine finds and replicas of artefacts from the Prehistoric period. Visitors had the opportunity to uncover how even small artifacts can provide big clues about how people may have lived and used the burnt mound in the past.

The visitors had the opportunity to talk to the experts about how WMI works alongside planning authorities to preserve archaeological discoveries and artifacts.

We want to thank all the visitors who took the time to come along, and we hope they enjoyed the sessions as much as we did.

The session was part of our outreach programme, aiming to bring real change for businesses, residents, and young people. To build the legacy of WMI we want to showcase alongside archaeology, what Oxford Properties and Logistics Capital Partners are able to offer to the region during and after construction.

Archaeology is a key aspect of the WMI construction process. A huge amount of archaeological work has already taken place, to help shape the future development and design of the scheme and ensure WMI makes a positive contribution to the historic record and minimises any disturbance to archaeological and heritage assets.