West Midlands Interchange hits milestone by launching community groups

27 October 2021

-Two community engagement groups launch for local people to become more involved as the project approaches construction


Oxford and LCP properties have reached a milestone with the launch of the Community Liaison Group (CLG) and Project Liaison Group (PLG) for the West Midlands Interchange (WMI). The two groups held their first meetings in late September in a move to bring residents and local authorities closer to the project and let them shape the construction process.

WMI will see the creation of a strategic rail freight facility and 8,500 full-time jobs, 40% of which will be highly skilled. Oxford and LCP have laid out desires for WMI to be one of the largest sites of its kind in Europe, and to lead the way in both industry and technology.

The launch of the two groups has signalled a clear ambition to go above and beyond expectations for the project. The inclusiveness of councillors, sporting groups and local residents associations allows a broader range of voices to have their input as the project develops. The groups have been invited to meet once a quarter, with the opportunity for more frequent meetings as the project approaches construction.

Oxford and LCP are also inviting people to give their feedback about the project which you can do by filling in the survey at the following link: https://forms.office.com/r/SHJjvEjEGz

Head of UK Logistics Capital Partners, John Pagdin , commented; “We’ve already seen the benefits of both groups as local authorities and residents have fed their views, and the views of their community, into the development of this project. We’re excited to be working with the community as we move forward and will be incorporating local insight into our plans”.

Penkridge Parish Council, commented; “We are pleased that Oxford and LCP properties have set up the Community Liaison Group and Project Liaison Group for the West Midlands Interchange thereby giving the Parish Council and the residents of Penkridge, together with the other local communities in the area, the opportunity to be involved in the consultation process for the next stage of the project”.

Current activity on the site consists of archaeological and environmental surveys to prepare for the first phase of construction in summer 2022.

If you have a query and would like to contact the project team you can reach WMI via:

Email: contactus@communityrelations.co.uk
Telephone: Mon-Fri 9am-5pm on the freephone number 0800 377 7345