Sustainability in the heart of the West Midlands

11 October 2023

Sustainability is fundamental to our mission at WMI.   

As one of the largest net zero development schemes in the UK, we are committed to the national move towards net zero, ensuring that we are as sustainable as we can be, and by playing a role in the sustained positive development of the community that we work in. Our investors, contracting partners and staff on the ground are all bought into the joint vision of a site that will play a part in transforming the UK emissions profile through revolutionizing the logistics industry, but also demonstrating just how sustainable a logistics site can be.  

Sustainability, at its most basic level, requires energy efficiency. As a result, we are looking to achieve BREEAM Excellent energy ratings across the site. We will support that inbuilt efficiency with the potential to install PV panels across the site, with a potential capacity of 150 acres and 100MW of solar energy at peak times.  

This is not the first time that our investors, LCP, have been involved in a huge PV achievement; in Trecante, Italy, they delivered the largest roof top PV installation in Europe. Inevitably, whilst we hope for sun in the West Midlands, we will also be installing rainwater harvesting ranks with a capacity of 440,000 litres.  Further, Oxford Properties has been recognized by Fast Company as one of the world’s most innovative companies for its approach to sustainability. Through innovative development and the deployment of technology and advanced data analytics in its existing portfolio, it’s reduced the carbon intensity of its global real estate portfolio by 35% since 2015. 

Beyond the site itself, our approach to sustainability will transform the logistics industry. Every freight train has the potential to remove 76 HGVs from the road, and produces about 70% less carbon dioxide, up to 15 times lower nitrogen oxide emissions and nearly 90% lower particulate emissions than road freight tonne for tonne.  

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